Frequently asked questions

What type of Guarantee do you offer?

The products we sell online are supplied with the relevant supplier's guarantees, this can change depending upon the manufacture. MECHANICAL GUARANTEE For example, levers may be given a 10-year mechanical guarantee, which covers the mechanical parts (spring) if this was to go faulty within the 10 years from the date of invoice the supplier will either fix or replace the faulty lever. IS THE FINISH UNDER GUARANTEE? We only supply products from the best suppliers and manufacturers in the UK but unfortunately, most ironmongery manufacturers warranties don’t cover the finish of the products this is because most finishes will break down over time some quicker than others this can be due to been exposed to the climate, particularly in coastal areas and polluted environments. Ironmongery items can be made from different materials and have a different coating and all suppliers will have their care instructions, terms and conditions, these are normally found in the box when you purchase an item or can be found on our website.